Dress Code

dress codeWangenheim student dress code

The dress code is in effect any time students are on campus 24 hours a day, including after-school and evening events. All clothing and footwear are to be safe and academically appropriate for a school setting.
Items that denote/promote gang affiliation, crime, profanity, pornography, weapons, alcoholic, or illegal substances are not allowed.
Shoes must be safe for school. (No flip-flops, sandals, high heels, platforms, slippers, open toes, etc.)
During PE students must dress out, wear shoes appropriate for physical activity/sports, and remove dangling jewelry.
If a student’s attire is a safety concern or interferes with their own learning, the student will be required to change their clothing/shoes. If the student/parent cannot provide alternative clothing/shoes the school will. Inappropriate clothing/items may be confiscated. If an item is not picked up within one week by a parent/guardian or student with a parent/guardian signature, it will be donated to charity.

1. Students will be sent to the office to change into loaner clothes if the student does not have alternative clothing/shoes. Inappropriate garments may be confiscated and will be returned when the student returns signed dress code contract and washed loaner clothes. Items left over one week will be donated to charity.
2. Repeat offenses may result in Lunch detention, parent/guardian conference, and after school detention.

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