Wildcat Study Center

Wildcat Study Center typically begins in October and ends in May

Days of the Week: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (except minimum


Time: 3:00 pm- 4:00 pm

Location: Library/Media Center

Staff involved: Each session will include 2 certificated teachers (1-English, Social Studies and 1-Math and Science) and library staff

Purpose: To provide some "old school' study hall time and space

Why: Many of our students struggle finding space to do their work outside of school. And some of our students struggle finding internet access outside of school.


 Students: While at the Study Center, students are expected to work individually or in small groups on school assignments, behave in accordance with all existing school rules that support academic work (work hard, be kind), and follow the direction of the adult staff.

Staff: Create a friendly and supportive environment that welcomes students and ensures the Wildcat Study Center is a successful space for academic work. Staff will supervise the check in and out process - students may check in and out when they choose but cannot check back in once they have signed out. When necessary, staff will remind students of the purpose of the WSC and when left with no alternative remove any students who are repeatedly disruptive. If this occurs, a note needs to be made on the sign in/out sheet so counselors can contact home the next day.

WSC Teacher Schedule, subject to change

Communication: Students will be informed of the WSC through the bulletin, through conversation with peers and teachers and counselors. Parents will be informed of the WSC through the automated call home, regular stakeholder meetings, conversations with teachers and counselors, the school website, and the bulletin.

FAQs: Can any Wangenheim Student go to the WSC?  Yes, all Wangenheim students are eligible to make use of the WSC. Students do not need to be assigned or sign up. The WSC will not be used for discipline but should be a part of a counselor designed student improvement plan for struggling students. Primetime students may be given special permission to the WSC.

Can students eat in the WSC?  Students many NOT eat or drink in the WSC. If they need/want to eat or drink, they must do so before they sign in or wait until they leave or the WSC ends at 4:00 pm. All students in the WSC must be actively engaged in academic work, regardless of the time they plan to spend in the WSC.

Are there any days we will not have the WSC open after school? The WSC will not be open on minimum days. Please be sure to check the school calendar on the Wangenheim website.

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